People are saying...

"You covered the complete spectrum!" - diner at Bernard's, Ridgefield, CT (July 2015)
"The reviews are in and the clients have voted Hank Milligan as the BEST PERFORMER that our center has ever had! Congratulations!" - Debbie D, Senior Care, Middlebury, CT (June 2015)

"Thanks so much for providing such beautiful music at my parent's 50th anniversary party. You provided the magic touch to the event and many attendees remarked about how delightful it was to hear you play! loved how you automatically played right along with our video tribute right on the spot. And, we really appreciated your help in our live performance. We couldn't have pulled it off without you. You are the best!"- Sally A, Danbury, CT (June 2015)

"Thank you so much for playing for us. You put a smile on all of our faces!" - The Residents and Staff of Chestnut Grove, New Milford CT (March 2015)

"Heard you at Rosie's - you made the meal even better." - Kathy M, New Milford CT (January 2015)

"Thanks for all you do to help our Garden Club, especially lending your musical talent." - Garden Club of New Milford CT (December 2014)

"Great job at Rosy Tomorrow's evening of 29 Oct." - Andy K, Herndon VA (October 2014)

"Hank, I gotta tell you, you're an excellent piano player ...excellent." - Sabrina, bartender at Alexander's in Brookfield CT (September 2014) 

(A review for Rosy Tomorrow's Restaurant in Danbury, CT) "We loved hearing pianist Hank Milligan playing while we were eating!" - Lynn W, Kent CT (August 2014)

"I think the new studio is great - and I'm amazed at how much you have accomplished so far!" - Lynn H, New Milford CT (May 2014)

"This is one card I'm going to keep." - person taking a business card at Bernard's in Ridgefield, CT (May 2014)

"What impresses me, aside from Hank's fabulous playing, is that he can play and talk at the same time!" - Jerry, New Milford CT (May 2014)

"I just love your music. I recognized every tune you played." - Judy, Kent CT (May 2014) 

"Edward Kennedy Ellington would like your playing." - person dining at Bernard's in Ridgefield, CT (April 2014)

"Thanks for an awesome show, Hank!" - your friends at the New Milford Senior Center (April 2014)

(A review of Alexander's Restaurant in Brookfield) "Two popular treats—the bananas flambé on the dessert menu and Hank Milligan playing piano at the eatery on Friday and Saturday nights—will continue to be offered." - Alice Tessier, Brookfield, CT (Aug 2013)

"Your piano work has gotten even better! There is a lightness, softness, and jazziness I don't recall even though you have always been a fabulous pianist! It was a joyful evening." - Lynn, NYC (July 2013)

"Thank you for everything!" - Charles & Nicole, Salem NY (June 2013)

"Piano player on Tuesdays and Wednesdays is awesome. It looks difficult, but don't be afraid to tip him, he'll play a song of choice for you." - Danielle, at Rosy Tomorrow's in  Danbury, CT (June 2013)