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Q: "How long will it take before I can play the piano?"
  • Years of traditional piano lessons are recommended.
  • Beginner (3 - 5 years of lessons)
  • Intemediate (2 - 3 more years)
  • Advanced (3 - 4 more years)
Q: "Am I too old to learn how to play?”
  • Anyone can learn, at any age.
  • Have patience. Set realistic goals.
  • Build upon a proper foundation of technique and theory.
  • A kind, experienced, and encouraging teacher is essential.
  • Consistency is the key. Keep taking lessons and practice.
  • Learn at your own pace. Have fun!
Q: "Should I buy a piano?”
  • Yes! A real piano in good condition, in tune, is recommended.
  • The heavier keys of a piano develop finger muscles more.
  • Pianos come in various sizes: spinet, console, studio, and grand.
  • Any piano with an even action and decent tone will do.
  • A digital piano is an alternative. Won't need tunings and has volume control.
  • A piano is solid and has a sturdy music rack. Like a desk or work space, it's furniture for your home.

"What if..."

Q: "What if I can’t make it to a lesson?”

Q: "What if I haven’t practiced?”

  • Always, always, always, attend a lesson no matter what.
  • Learning takes place with a teacher even without preparation.
  • A “practice lesson” provides encouragement and alleviates frustration.
  • Important skills are worked on (technique, counting, harmonic theory, ear training, and repertoire review).
  • Students and parents sometimes call these "fun" lessons.
  • To varying degrees, all music students go through this experience. It builds character and musicianship.
  • Embarrassment from lack of practice is a poor reason for skipping a lesson. However, the choice is yours.
  • Hank took lessons for 20 years. He knows the feeling.